The Price is Right, Live! Branson – Season #3

Price is Right LIVE! Season-3 in Branson, MO

After two seasons at the Welk Resort Theatre, The Price is Right Live moved to the Andy Williams Moon River Theatre in 2014, where Jerry Springer carried the 12-week run. With Jerry hosting, my role as announcer becomes three-fold:

  1. Warm ’em up before the show – Get the audience jacked and ready to play
  2. Unleash the three most famous words in game show history: Come on Down!
  3. Be ready the with the nylon ‘cuffs when those insane Branson audiences get out of control (Tongue firmly planted in cheek)

Honestly, it was an awesome run from May through August. We even gave away the Showcase…TWICE. A big thanks to the Better Show’s JD Roberto, who filled in for three weeks while Jerry vacationed with family. JD’s a talented dude, devoted dad, and hell of a host – really enjoyed sharing the stage with him.

During the past three months, I devoted most of my downtime to producing a special video for my Dad. His 70th birthday is next week, and our entire family is heading to Hawaii to celebrate. Thanks to Jerry for being a part of the dynamic intro (check it out above) – this is going to be a blast to share with everyone…