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Voice Over Andy Taylor | Corporate Videos | Artis REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust)

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Artis REIT: Voice Over for Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust

Andy Taylor provides voice over for this corporate video profiling Artis REIT, who’s real estate investment portfolio consists of industrial, retail and office properties in both Canada and the United States.

Provided a quality job on a tight deadline, will use again!

Jeff Lukin – Marketing and Creative Services | Artis REIT

Video narration for company videos profiling a business’s image, brand and identity.

One of the more popular varieties of narration is Corporate Voice Over. These videos depict how a company, business or brand wants to be perceived by its clients, customers and consumers. Above all, the production defines the organization’s identity by expressing core principles and corporate ideals.

These videos are often seen on the front page of a company website or social media channel. Additionally, the videos commonly play as introductions during a business conference, thus familiarizing attendees with the business or brand. Moreover, trade shows, client meetings and sales presentations are all occasions where Corporate Videos can be effective tools.

Corporate voice over style varies from partner to partner. However, a majority of the reads require a confident voice of authority that can conversationally deliver a company’s intended message. It’s very important to ensure that the vocal performance doesn’t overshadow the video’s content. In the end, the read must simply accentuate the imagery and clearly communicate the company’s identity.

Recognized for his ability to connect with a script’s copy and each individual video’s intent, Andy Taylor’s narration can help your next Corporate video stand-out. Whether for a business website, trade show or sales conference – or perhaps, all three.

Here’s how a video producer recently responded to a Corporate video Andy narrated for a real estate investment firm:

Awesome to work with. Great attitude about everything. And most of all his ‘voice.’ It’s the best I’ve ever used, no doubt. A recommend for sure!

Wes Oliver, Vizion Studios

Additional Corporate Voice Over from Andy Taylor

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Corporate Voice Over: Deeper than Brand Identity

It’s more than Andy’s sound that maintains his long-standing relationships. His work ethic, quick turn-around and commitment to customer service tend to be the characteristics that partners appreciate most. As a result, many of Andy’s corporate voice over clients also use his narration for internal company videos. As a result, there is consistency in brand content.

Andy saved my bacon. Typical multiple script rewrites after ‘final version’ took me right up to my deadline. Andy’s responsiveness and nailing the sound I needed on the first take allowed me to come in a day early. Will definitely be using Andy for future projects.

Ken Cawley, Knowles Corporation

When working on a Corporate Video, first be sure the voice over fits the business or brand identity. Secondly, make sure you work with a reliable voice talent who understands your deadlines. And finally, find a talent who can repeatedly deliver a quality product as the corporate messaging expands and grows.

Reach out to Andy Taylor today.