Voice Over. System Three MirrorCoat Repair

Voice Over Andy Taylor. System Three Mirror Coat Repair and Restore Kit

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Voice Over. MirrorCoat Buffing and Polishing by System Three

The video above features Andy Taylor’s voice over for System Three’s “how-to” video, detailing the proper technique to repair imperfections on surfaces coated with MirrorCoat epoxy.

System Three Resins manufactures specialty adhesives, coatings, and composite resin systems, utilizing the best available technology. Focused on impeccable customer service and relationships, they produce “how-to” and promotional videos to help their customers make the most out of System Three’s products.

System Three Mirror Coat Repair and Restore Kit

System Three has assembled a kit for repairing minor imperfections in a cured surface of MirrorCoat epoxy. Here is the step by step process.

First, clean the MirrorCoat with water-dampened paper towels and wipe dry.

Then, lightly spritz a two foot by two foot zone with water. The First cut is done with one thousand grit paper. Run the sander over the surface at a slow even pace. The outside edges should be sanded over two times to ensure sufficient abrasion occurs.

Next, sand the adjacent two foot by two foot zone. After the entire area has been sanded, remove the sanding slurry with fresh water and paper towels.

Inspect the surface to make sure it is clear of imperfections before moving on.

Repeat the process, increasing the paper grit each time to twelve hundred, and then to fifteen hundred. Replace the paper after 10 square feet of use.

Then use a three thousand grit Trizact pad, and finish sanding with a five thousand grit Trizact pad. Replace the Trizact pad after approximately 15-20 square feet of use. Be sure to remove the sanding slurry after each grit increase.

For more, visit the MirrorCoat Restore and Repair Kit page on System Three’s website.

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Thanks to System Three for the partnership.

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