Voice Over. Predict® by Realty Alive

Voice Over. Andy Taylor. Predict® by Realty Alive

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Realty Alive. Selling Homes from the City to the Suburbs

The web explainer video above features voice over defining the benefits of selling property with “Predict®, by Realty Alive.”

Voice Over for Realty Alive. What is Predict®?

PREDICT® is a suite of new technologies that increase a home’s visibility in potential buyers’ search results. It combines two essential elements that are crucial to securing a decent sales price for each property.

First of all, there’s Predictive Analytics. Secondly, expect a stunning visual presence through polished listing videos.

Predictive Analytics takes statistical data and data-mining techniques to the next level. The system learns a buyers’ wish-list based on that buyer’s web searches, then offers matching listings at exactly the right time.

While photos can be useful when listing a property, still pictures don’t have the impact of video production. Moving images and video provide buyers a sense of each property’s livability and flow, and property listings featuring video always attract more attention. Realty Alive’s Listing Video Tools are a crucial component of the selling process, and essential to attracting buyers.

Predict®. The smart way to generate interest

It is an entirely new way of selling property that is both elegant and accurate. With PREDICT®, you not only get a revolutionary new way of marketing your property, but gain a real partner in your property sale.

Realty Alive’s team has the proven experience in providing the best service to both buyers and sellers in handling property transfers. They’ve become a trusted source for both sides, able to guide each party through the complex world of Real Estate.

Don’t just list your property and wait months for a reaction. Gain a valuable and proactive partner by using PREDICT® by Realty Alive.

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Thanks to Realty Alive for the partnership.

We went with version 1 and have forwarded the finished product. Sounds great!

– Fred Munoz. Realty Alive.