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Voice Over Andy Taylor | Radio Commercials | SpaceOAR Hydrogel from Boston Scientific

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Radio Campaign promoting the benefits of Space Oar Hydrogel

Andy Taylor narrates the new radio commercial for Boston Scientific’s SpaceOAR Hydrogel. During prostate cancer treatment, the slow dissolving gel protects additional organs from damage.

Script. SpaceOAR Hydrogel (:30)

One in nine men is diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime. When caught early, it can be treated. But every treatment has unwanted side effects. The good news, SpaceOAR hydrogel is clinically proven to help. With SpaceOAR, men are more likely to maintain normal sexual, urinary and bowel functions. Sponsored by Boston Scientific, SpaceOAR Hydrogel is available at Ackerman Cancer Center in Jacksonville and Amelia Island. Learn more about SpaceOAR Hydrogel at AckermanProton.com or SpaceOAR.com today.

Andy Taylor is an 18-year Radio Veteran, skilled at Commercial Voice Over

A top-rated morning show host for 10-years at KTTS, Andy Taylor is a graduate of traditional marketing. Over the years, he has narrated and produced thousands of radio commercials for local, national and international broadcast products. Above all, his extensive experience in voice over, production and copy writing will be a significant asset to your commercial project.

When hiring voice talent for radio commercials, remember that the voice must match the target demographic of the ad’s audience. But just as importantly, due to the design of commercial stop-sets, the advertising purchase must focus on frequency for the ad to have impact.

Put another way, radio commercials are effective top-of-mind awareness tools. However, to be effective, the advertising schedule…

  1. Must ensure the spot airs often throughout the day.
  2. Should air the spot on a targeted broadcast or internet radio product.

In conclusion, when producing a radio commercial, professionalism and experience are important. Clean audio production and quality voice over are key, as well. Discuss your project with Andy Taylor, and receive the experienced support of a broadcast professional who will help navigate your radio commercial production.