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Map & Talk App. By T For T, Inc.

If you truly want to enjoy a foreign excursion, and experience everything the country has to offer, you have to dive-in head-first. Mingling with locals is a must. Sure, the Lonely Planets and Trip Advisors of the world will give you a basic idea of where to go, what to do, and where to eat, but nothing replaces the expertise and knowledge of the locals in your immediate vicinity.

Quite often, we hesitate to tap that essential resource because we don’t speak the language. The last thing we want is to bother a stranger for directions or a restaurant recommendation, only to discover that there is a language barrier. It’s embarrassing, frustrating. If only you could speak Japanese!

Good news: Thanks to the Map & Talk iPhone App…with just a few clicks, you CAN speak Japanese. Seriously.

Check out the video above to learn more.


Everyone agrees that traveling abroad is a wonderful experience. And to make that trip even more memorable, receiving navigation from locals is the way to go.

While Japan offers amazing experiences for all of us, the language barrier is a challenge. Sure, many in Japan do speak English – but most speak only Japanese.

If you’re traveling to Japan, you may have experiences just like these…The taxi driver may not understand where you’d like to go. Some might not hear you when you ask for directions. Others may not understand what you’re asking.

With the Map & Talk iPhone and iPad app, problem solved!

Choose a location from Google Maps, then simply tap the “speak” icon. The app will ask directions in fluent Japanese.

The bookmark function features many famous sites. You can choose sightseeing locations right from the bookmarks. Add your own favorite places to the bookmarks, as well.

The Map & Talk app also features many useful phrases like “stop here,” or “how much is it?”

Now, you can ask all your questions in Japanese. Even shy Japanese people will be happy to answer your questions. Always helpful and kind, most Japanese people will point you in the right direction.

Easily navigate Japan with help from locals, and make it the trip of a lifetime. If you’re traveling to Japan, the Map & Talk app is a “must-have” tool. Search for “Map & Talk” in the App-Store, and download today.

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Thanks to T for T, Inc. for the partnership.

Thank you very much for your efforts. It sounds very good.

– Taisuke Sugita. App Developer. T for T, Inc. Tokyo, Japan