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AUTHOR: Delin Design

VOICEOVER: Andy Taylor

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Oracle Data Cloud. Millennial Shoppers – Delin Design

By now you know that targeting millennial shoppers will benefit your company’s bottom line. But why is this group so valuable?

From their net worth, to their shopping behavior, targeting millennials pays off,

This diverse group is differentiated by a number of factors, that when mastered, are the key to unlocking major potential for your business.

All of this makes this group more valuable than you may think. Let’s explore further what makes millennials so unique.

Surprisingly, younger Millennial households are just as likely as Gen X and Boomers to be core shoppers.

So as marketers, how to we engage millennials in the most efficient way? Let’s look at some more ways millennials stand out from the pack.

Millennials choose value-oriented items, but are less sensitive to price points and deals— That means a one-time deal alone won’t necessarily hook them, so simplified value is key.

In fact, millennials outperform all other generations in Household trips, driving the highest lift per Household spending.

Across a representative sample of grocery retailers in the U.S., the market conversion of Millennials under-indexes the Boomers, creating a significant dollar opportunity for marketers – especially in fresh departments.

Just take a look at this private label statistic: Millennials even outperform generation X and baby boomers.

You might be wondering, what’s the takeaway from all this?

Bottom line…with the right approach, millennial engagement produces valuable results for your business.

Download our full presentation to learn more about millennial shopping behavior for smarter engagement today.

Visit delindesign.com for more information.

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Thanks to Delin Design for the partnership.

Overall, really impressed with the turnaround and quality of the recordings, and we really like where this is going…

– Austin Delin. Delin Design