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VOICEOVER: Andy Taylor

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Industriflyg provides an efficient travel solution for your trips. They build your travel experience according to your preferences, individually tailored, with unconditional dedication to the highest levels of safety, security, convenience, comfort and discretion. Ready to get onboard?

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Industriflyg. Script for Video Narration

Imagine if your travel could be more than just a transport. If your booking would meet your exact desires, and your expectations. Wouldn’t you then choose to travel in comfort and safety, together with someone who understands you and sees to your corporate and private needs?

We are Svenskt Industriflyg, IFLY, rooted in Swedish industry. For more than three decades, we support growth and supply infrastructure to many of the leading companies in Sweden. Our clients representation in the global community requires time efficient travel solutions. Our fleet of long, medium, short range aircrafts and helicopters is the perfect mix to supply capacity and meet our clients needs.

IFLY puts safety first. Our pilots, cabin crew and technicians all have lengthy professional and skilled backgrounds in the aviation industry.

We will assist you – door-to-door – with our personal service. We can tailor your travel to the smallest detail, down to transfer in Buenos Aires. If required, we will provide personal security and safety analysis at the required destination. You and your company will travel in comfort and with full confidentiality and can work in a safe environment.

We – IFLY – and our strategic partner – TAG Aviation in Geneva and Farnborough, London – are well positioned to facilitate travel worldwide. Fly IFLY – and you will fully understand that we walk that extra mile for you. Here. There. And in the air.

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Thanks to MPEG, The Post Production Company for the partnership.

Andy is the best voice artist I’ve worked with, and I have worked with thousands. We did most of the the work through WhatsApp and the result is amazing. Thanks Andy for making me shine in front of my client!

– Örjan Månsson, MPEG. Stockholm, Sweden