Voice Over. Tranztec Solutions Phone System Narration

Andy Taylor Voice Over. Tranztec Solutions
Voice Over Andy Taylor | Business Phone System Narration | Tranztec Solutions

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Telephony Voice Over for Tranztec Solutions

In early 2019, Andy Taylor recorded voice over for Tranztec Solutions’ answering and on-hold phone messaging system. To hear the narration, take a listen to the recording above or call 1.888.854.0099.

Working with Andy was great! Super fast turn around. We plan to use him for several other large VO projects.

Tranztec Solutions

Tranztec: Technology for the Logistics Industry

With over 20 years of software development expertise in the transportation industry, Tranztec Solutions has experience in every information technology area of the business. Above all, Tranztec is focused on providing custom solutions for each unique partner.

Narration – What you’ll hear on the phone system:

Tranztec’s VIA Platform is a 100% cloud based platform that provides a highly configurable system that fits to your process and workflow. VIA provides ready made pre-built integration that connect you to a wide array of third party services including telematics, mobility, imaging systems, fuels services, TMS platforms, and much more. VIA is a living solution with constantly evolving and improving features that make your voice heard. Ask our sales team for a demonstration today.

We guarantee your company is missing out on money, but you already knew that. The transportation industry is experiencing explosive gains that you want to take advantage of. You know there is more to get. Years spent in this profession have taught you well. You know where your company really excels, but more importantly you know where it fails to be its best. Unconnected systems, manual processes and miscommunications are not just employee frustrations, they are critical mistakes damaging your customer, your entire system and preventing potential growth. The time to act is short but you have ideas to capitalize on this moment, but who can you partner with to make your ideas reality?

Experience that makes a difference for your business

For the last 20 years Tranztec has listened to its customers and built custom solutions to meet those needs. …but we had an idea that would give our customers more. A solution…

  • that was much more than what they expected and paid for
  • that responded to ever changing needs with constant improvements and updates
  • driven by its community of users
  • that feels and acts as if it made just for your company

What we wanted was a living solution that would grow with all the people that made it a part of their lives. As a result, this vision become reality when VIA Transportation (pronounced vee-yah) was born. We invite you to join us and become a partner our thriving VIA community. Connect with us and bring your ideas to life.