The Open is still waking me up!

Too funny…just five days after Djokovic wins the 2011 U.S. Open Final – I woke-up my wife this morning, dreaming about the tournament. Chris Granozio, who works with m2post during the Open asked me this year if I have dreams about Arthur Ashe Stadium during the rest of the year, and apparently the answer is…”yes!”

I asked Dionne how she could be sure I was having a nightmare about the Open…she said it was obvious, because I woke her up by yelling: “TIME!” Next, she was waiting for me to utter: “New balls, please!”

Tough week for the finalists from this year’s open, too – Rafa’s back in Spain to play Davis Cup, where he crushed Richard Gasquet in Day-1 action. Novak Djokovic is back in Serbia, but hasn’t played a match and isn’t scheduled to play Sunday, with Argentina up (2-1).