From the Open – To the PBR!

Got a chance to enjoy the PBR in Springfield, Missouri last night – at the Invitational presented by Bass Pro. JQH Arena was packed, and “the show” is amazing. From the pyro, to the flames, to the music, to the riders, bulls and the hilarious Flint Rasmussen, the PBR really has its act together and delivers an event with impressive production value.

My wife Dionne had a chance to photograph the event from along the rail last night…her photos are much better than mine! Click here for a small gallery of shots I took with my phone and cheap digital camera

My hats off to the PBR, Randy Little and the entire PFI family. Thanks to PFI’s persistence and investment, it’s beginning to look like this event will become an annual in the Springfield market. That is great news for Southwest Missouri…