Davis Cup: USA vs. 2nd most-respected man in the world!

Roger Federer is the second most-respected man in the world – next to Nelson Mandela.

Seriously. According to a study by the Reputation Institute, Roger is more admired and trusted than Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Steven Jobs and Oprah! Personally, I find it kind of sad that we seem to mostly admire those who fill Olympic swimming pools with their money – but if you look at it with the proper perspective, it all makes sense…

…if one is truly talented in is his field of work or life’s passion – typically he will be compensated for his expertise and excellence. What is great about this field of m/billionaires, is the fact that most of them have righteous philanthropic DNA…like Roger with his Roger Federer Foundation.

Honestly, I think the guy’s awesome because he doesn’t “reach out for attention” with his charitable efforts…unless the need calls for it. Tennis is his job, and aside from raising kids and loving his wife, the Roger Federer Foundation is his life’s work.

Okay – enough dry-humping The Fed…let’s get down to business:

After a 4-day Davis Cup bonanza Down Under, Switzerland clawed its way back into the World Group for 2012 Davis Cup play – and today they held the 2012 draw ceremony in Bangkok.

Guess who the U.S. will play, on the road, in round-one action February 10th – 12th?

If you guessed Switzerland – congrats…give yourself a new bank account! No doubt “The second most-respected man in the world” and Stanislas Wawrinka will enjoy playing at home. Stay tuned for Jim Courier’s picks for the U.S. roster.

Have a you planned a winter ski-trip yet? Let’s hit the Alps and buy-up tickets for the event. Net Heads – time to travel!