Up early in Queens

Been up early in Astoria, Queens – looking forward to meeting with the producers and director of Arthur Ashe Kids Day. Tomorrow is rehearsal with Quddus and La La Gonzalez – this year’s hosts. Be watching for the special on CBS this Sunday – provided Hurricane Irene doesn’t soak us Saturday.

We’re having fun on the radio show, this morning – check out the Morning Show at KTTS.com. After 10-years on the air at the legendary KTTS in Springfield, MO, September 16th will be my last day as I focus my time fully on freelance voiceover work. I’m really going to miss being around those knuckleheads – and the responsibility that comes with delivering on the expectation SWMO has of that radio product. I’ve learned so much from REAL people.

Keep your eyes and ears on andytayloronline.com and stadiumannouncer.com – I plan on hosting a lot of fun audio there – and continuing to be entirely too honest about my personal life…the dumb injuries suffered daily performing menial tasks, etc. I won’t be using the website strictly as a promotional tool – I hope it’s something you choose to come back to every now and again for a laugh…

Speaking of which – after learning to text just last year (seriously) – I am now on Twitter and Facebook! Follow me on Twitter: @StadiumAndy – And check out the Stadium Announcer Facebook Page.

As always – thanks for checking in – I look forward to some more exciting posts as we get things rolling with the 2011 U.S. Open!