The Soaking Cellphone

Yep. Like you, I know the shock and horror that accompanies soaking one’s cellphone. Every phone I’ve owned has had the signature red-dot, indicating water damage. One Motorola Razr flip phone actually went swimming twice, thanks to a wife who finds it incredibly amusing to push her fully clothed husband into the pool. In between dips, it also enjoyed a trip through the washing machine and dryer.

Last year, Oklahoma’s Lake Tenkiller tried to claim my Motorola Blur just south of the dam. A group of us were chucking soft plastics at small-mouth bass, and oddly enough I was the first to get bit. After stringing the fish, there wasn’t a single place to securely tie-off the stringer, so…I held the 8-foot stringer in my teeth, and continued to fish. Bad move.

You know, the force of a 3-pound bass is quite extraordinary when he finds deep enough water at the end of a stringer. Thankfully, I don’t wear dentures. Needless to say, when that fish broke free of my “grip,” I was pretty pissed. Without thinking, I dove into the frigid, rushing water hoping I could snag the stringer and retrieve my catch. No dice. Turns out, that impulse reaction cost me the fish, the stringer, my dignity, my pride, and completely drenched my cellphone, wallet, and every stitch of clothing I had with me. Good times.

The Davis Cellular Service and Repair Center in Springfield is all too familiar with stories of water damaged cellphones. They fix them every day. In fact, water-damaged phones is the theme of their new radio commercial for June. Enjoy:

This spot is another example of the full service marketing I offer locally here in Southwest Missouri for businesses who advertise. From the creative, the writing, to voiceover and audio production, I can help your business build commercial imaging that fits your vision and delivers on your brand…your personality. The only thing I don’t do is make your ad-buy, but I can put you in touch with the right people and products to get your marketing on the air, within your budget.

…and if like Luke Davis, your image and voice is crucial to the marketing message, I’ll come to you! We’ll park “The Winnie” out back, have a cup of coffee, record a commercial or two, then get ’em shipped to radio for air. Easy, convenient, relaxed…and fun!

Give me a call: 417.818.1629. Let’s talk about your radio and online marketing. Let’s make it FUN – in message and delivery.