Davis Cellular – Wet. Wild. Repair.

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Wet cellphones. We’ve all done it. In fact, many of us have done it more than once.

Some have simply given-up and paid extra for waterproof phones. The rest of us have become experts at “electronics dehydration” – nothing an overnight in a bowl of rice can’t fix, right?! And when that doesn’t work, simply take the gear into Davis Cellular Service and Repair Center in Springfield where you’re now on a first-name basis with Luke and his crew. At least they don’t judge…

Toilets. Pools. Puddles. Rain. Lakes. The standard ugly culprits. Oklahoma’s Lake Tenkiller tried to take-down my first smartphone, a Motorola Blur (clunky piece of crap). Anyway, I was fishing below the dam with my brother-in-law and his kids. After catching a striper on my first cast, you can imagine how impatient I was to get a line back in the water. So after stringing the fish, instead of tying the stringer to a tree…or a rock…or my leg; I decided to hold the stringer in my teeth while I continued fishing. For the record, a single three-pound bass can nearly rip your teeth out. With one hard tug, the fish freed itself from my toothy grin; and without a thought, I dove in after it – didn’t come up with the stringer, but with my pockets packed, I managed to soak everything from my wallet to the cellphone. Good times.

The new radio commercial for Davis Cellular focuses on the core of what the Service and Repair Center can do for customers:

  • Bringing water damaged phones back to life
  • Replacing shattered screens
  • Fixing inoperable buttons
  • Repairing charge ports

When it’s broken, take it to Davis Cellular Service and Repair Center – Now with lifetime warranty on all iPhone, iPod and iPad screen replacements! The Davis Cellular Service and Repair Center…on Battlefield, just east of Campbell in Springfield, Missouri.