Voice Over. Boardy Kick Scooter

Voice Over Andy Taylor | Product Videos | Produced by Smart Film Visual (Budapest)

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Product Voice Over for Boardy, the World’s Most Comfortable Kick Scooter

Andy Taylor narrates the 2019 promotional video for Boardy, a popular kick scooter in Europe designed for adults. Shot and produced by Smart Film Visual out of Budapest, the video is featured on the front page of Boardy’s website.

Andy is very professional and helpful. Thank you!

Andras Baross, Owner/CEO of Smart Film Visual

Boardy, The World’s Most Comfortable Kick Scooter

Boardy is a high-end kick scooter with a design that focuses on craftsmanship and utility. As a result, it is one of the most comfortable and versatile rides on the market.

With a wider, flexible composite platform (board) and puncture resistant Continental tires, Boardy ensures a smooth commute regardless of terrain.

More specifically – First, the wider board allows riders to place both feet side-by-side, rather than front and back. Second, Boardy absorbs vibration from any surface thanks to its inflatable tires. Because of these enhanced features, Boardy easily handles terrain like dirt roads, cobble stone, grass, hard sand and gravel.

Additionally, Boardy is designed to be lightweight and portable. Weighing less than 13-pounds, the kick scooter folds in seconds. And due to this flexiblity and design, several can be packed neatly into everyday vehicles.

Boardy is affordable, as well. Though it’s a top of the line kick scooter engineered for adults, Boardy’s price is similar to the cost of a mid-range bicycle (around $400 or less)

Explore your world in ways you never imagined

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