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Be You Accessories: Voice Over for a new line of belts

Andy Taylor provides voice over for this product launch featuring Be You Accessories belts for both men and women.

Working with Andy was an amazing experience! His voice talent is outstanding! With no direction, he took my video project to the next level. I’d highly recommend his voice-over services to anyone. I look forward to my next project using Andy!

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Script. Be You Accessories: Belt Product Launch

This belt is cheap, and does not fit right.

This belt is the wrong color and doesn’t go with any of my outfits.

This belt fits just right and looks great with whatever I wear.

Introducing Be You Accessories belts. The belt that fits just-right for men and women.

The belts come in 13 different colours, are made of high quality leather and will complement everything you own. Be You Accessories belts are constructed with genuine leather, they are stylish, durable and strong. These belts fit any style or individual. The form and function of these belts come together in a clean and timeless look. They are available in so many different colours to complement your wardrobe for any occasion.

No more wasting time looking for a belt that fits and looks great.

They are the best belts money can buy.

Ordinary leather belts can sell for $80, but you get the finest quality leather belts for just $36.99 for women, and $39.99 for men.

Having the right belt will add style to your wardrobe and make you standout at any event.

Don’t delay, to order your belt, visit us on line at beyouaccessories.com

Additional Product Voice Over from Andy Taylor

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