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Actor Andy Taylor. Produced by Ashley Smith Films

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Acting. Revel for Business and Economics

In the Fall of 2017, Voice Actor Andy Taylor was cast as Professor Sims in this Pearson Higher Education promotional video for Revel.

The scenes above were shot at the Queens Museum in Flushing Meadows, New York and at the ornate Providence Public Library in Rhode Island.

Ashley Smith Films and Smith Hage Productions produced and directed the video.

What is Revel from Pearson Higher Education?

Revel marries technology and education like never before, giving instructors tools to reach students where they live: online and on their devices. Pearson calls it “learning reimagined.”

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From Pearson Higher Education’s Website

Imagine what you could do if every student came to class ready to learn. Revel replaces traditional texts with an engaging learning experience that prepares your students to meaningfully participate in your class.

Unlike any learning materials you’ve seen, Revel presents an affordable, seamless blend of author-created digital text, media, and assessment based on learning science. Revel keeps your students engaged as they read, practice, and study in one continuous experience — anytime, anywhere, on any device.

The assignability and tracking tools in Revel let you gauge your students’ understanding and engagement in and out of the classroom. This visibility, paired with your students’ renewed energy for the material, empowers you to spend your class time on the meaningful instruction that only you can deliver.

This is digital learning.

To learn more about Revel and it’s suite of educational tools, visit Pearson Higher Education’s website.