Hi. I'm Andy Taylor, professional voice artist.

For over 25 years, my voice has has been heard globally on radio, television and online videos. Each year, I am the lead Stadium Announcer for professional tennis tournaments across the planet, most notably the US Open in New York.

SOUND: “Authentic. Clean. Friendly. Precise. Enthusiastic to dramatic, with range and versatility. From gentle narration to adrenaline driving hard-sell. A sound that fits your image and vision, without overshadowing your message. He is your husband, buddy, the instigator, concerned dad, arrogant anchor, kind neighbor, over-the-top announcer, radio personality, or natural and conversational VOG that drives your event.”

Some Examples Of My Work

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Most Recent Reviews

Feedback from partners and clients

Andy Taylor Voice Over. SpecFilm

Andy was great to work with. Very fast and super high quality! We'll definitely be back with another project!

Maxim Nemkov
Video Producer / SpecFilm
Andy Taylor Narrator Attorney Dino Tangredi

In my 24 years trying cases I never thought to use a professional for the reading of a report in a court room. It was the highlight of that trial for me. Oh yeah, we won the case and I got my client $xx,xxx for her injuries. Thanks again, you were fantastic.

Dino Tangredi
Andy Taylor Voice Over Heligraphix

I'm such a fan of the service, really. The variety of endings was much appreciated- it allows me the freedom to perfectly adjust the tone of the all-important take-away message. As always, great work and world-class service. Thank you so much.

Tobias Wagner
Andy Taylor Voice Over on Envato Studio

Great to work with someone so pro, who understand the script and the feeling you need for the voice over. Plus the human quality is invaluable. Thank you very much.

Voice Over Andy Taylor Client
Mar 2018 / Envato Studio
Andy Taylor Voice Over. Knowles Intelligent Audio

Andy saved my bacon. Typical multiple script rewrites after 'final version' took me right up to my deadline. Andy's responsiveness and nailing the sound I needed on the first take allowed me to come in a day early. Will definitely be using Andy for future projects.

Ken Cawley
Video Producer / Knowles Corporation
Andy Taylor Voice Over Gece Vardiyası Film Yapım

Great pleasure to work with :)

Göker Göktepe
Andy Taylor Voice Over Promenti Lebanon

Andy is a very professional person. Very fast and flexible. He is highly recommended from our side.

Fabio Farah
Imagine Virtual Services. Andy Taylor Voice Over

If you're looking for a great American English voice over artist that truly lives up to his offer description, Andy is your man. Ultra quick turnaround, very responsive in communication, and delivered three really distinct versions of the recording.

Michael Hagen

There are certain people that have the ability to send those tingles down somebody's spine or to make 'em laugh or make 'em cry. Andy just has a very natural way of doing that.

Arlen Kantarian
CEO, Professional Tennis and US Open 2000-2008 / United States Tennis Association

Andy Taylor is clever and creative, very responsive, easy to collaborate with and does great work...just give him some general direction to get started and turn him loose, you'll end up with something better than you could have come up with on your own.

Brian Ash
Founder & President / The Drain Strainer
Andy Taylor Voice Over on Envato Studio

Insanely fast turnaround. PERFECT execution. 5 stars not enough 10/10

Voice Over Andy Taylor Client
Feb 2017 / Envato Studio

Awesome service! Nice communication and nice time of delivery. Thanks Andy.

David Caro
Independent Producer for Casa Luker / Casa Luker "Christmas 2016"

Really professional voice-over speaker. We sent the text and received three versions in high quality .wav files. Very easy to integrate in our video. Andy offered us more help for free, but there was no need for it. Everything was perfect with the first try.

Björn Andres
aiShell Inventor / Andres Industries AG

Exactly what I need. Very talented artist. Unbelievably fast service! I highly recommend him.

Paradise City
Interior Remodeling and Design / Paradise CIty

Andy is the real deal... Easy to work with and a great talent also! Will be back for more work 100%.

Upcoming Media Inc.
Augmented Reality, Web Development & Video Production / Upcoming Media Solutions

Andy was great to work with through this service, he had quick turnarounds and did a great job overall. We would definitely recommend him and would use his great voice again for future projects.

RAC Studio

Put a mic in the hand of this talented guy and the excitement continues even after the ball has stopped bouncing. Andy Taylor gives 25,000 people a take-home memory that says “Let’s do that again!”

Randy Stange

Once again WOW! You are a master of your craft!...I have to tell you that I really liked how skillfully you changed the text of the narration. Everything fits just perfectly and flows seamlessly.

Rade Vujicic

Live announce or video narration - he takes audiences on a journey, always delivering desired IMPACT. He consistently conveys the STORY behind each script, rather than simply punctuating WORDS on a page.

Michael Fiur
President and Executive Producer / Fiur Productions - US Open Tennis Championships

Andy is very valuable for his professionalism, quick turnaround, and creative input. The results speak for themselves...Don Wessel Honda is the number one new car dealer in southwest Missouri.

Gary Ellison
Don Wessel Honda AE for the past 35 years / Gary Ellison Productions Inc.

Besides his mellifluous and authoritative voice, there is no one better in adapting to the unexpected diversions of live performance...he makes what can be a difficult adventure smooth and delightful.

Jeff Markowitz
Production Supervisor / U.S. Africa Business Forum
Narrator Andy Taylor. Audiobook Harris Project

I'm incredibly grateful to you for your time and incredible talent and professionalism...the read is perfect! I’m very grateful man, this is so good. You’ve captured all the subtleties and emotion perfectly.

Bryan Molloy
Author. Artist. / The John Harris Project

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  • Studio recording
  • HD audio in your format of choice
  • All revisions included
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed
255 Words. (1:30)Most Requested
  • Delivered in 24-hours
  • Studio recording
  • HD audio in your format of choice
  • All revisions included
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed
340 Words. (2:00)
  • Delivered in 24-hours
  • Studio recording
  • HD audio in your format of choice
  • All revisions included
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed
425 Words. (2:30)
  • Delivered in 24-hours
  • Studio recording
  • HD audio in your format of choice
  • All revisions included
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed

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