Voice Over. DataBloc Explainer Video

Voice Over Andy Taylor | Business and Technology Videos | DataBloc – the Airbnb of Data Services
Voice Over for DataBloc, the future of data storage and services

In March of 2019, voice actor Andy Taylor provided voice over for a second DataBloc promotional investment video. The first production introduces the service’s secure blockchain framework. Meanwhile, the video above serves as an “explainer,” detailing the importance of the innovation to the future of online data storage.

We’re doing a little video series. You did such a great job on the last video, and we would like to use your services for all three videos in this series.

Isaac Schlenker, DataBloc Chief Operating Officer

Why the World Needs DataBloc

Centralized data service models have a major flaw: Scalability.

On average, data service providers utilize less than half of their purchased capacity.

Rather than optimizing their existing capacity, service providers physically scale data centers as their data volume increases.

As a result, additional resources are required, such as hardware, electricity, and real estate.

Above all, if we don’t find a better solution, there will be CITIES of data centers.

Enter DataBloc, the first enterprise grade sharing economy for data storage and services

With Databloc’s revolutionary platform, service providers can optimize readily-available capacity. They no longer have to waste valuable time and resources.

DataBloc efficiently scales data centers while protecting our data and the environment.

To learn more about DataBloc’s Token Sale, go to www.databloc.io.