Voice Over. DataBloc Investment Video

Voice Over Andy Taylor | Business and Technology Videos | DataBloc – the Airbnb of Data Services
Voice Over for DataBloc, the future of data storage and services

In early 2019, voice actor Andy Taylor provided voice over for DataBloc’s promotional investment video, profiling the innovative features of the service’s secure blockchain framework.

Introducing DataBloc, the Airbnb of Data Services

Data is now the world’s most valuable resource. But, because of its exponential growth, the world needs a place to store all that data.

There are over 8 million data centers worldwide, but less than half of that data center capacity is actually being used. And when it is, it’s not exactly secure.

We need a new solution that’s more efficient and ready to protect our data.

Introducing DataBloc: The Airbnb of Data Services

The DataBloc platform is a web based platform that seamlessly and securely connects data service providers and enterprise customers.

Service providers are incentivized to use DataBloc’s blockchain powered software and list their excess data storage capacity on the web platform.

Enterprise and public customers use the web platform to access secure data storage and services from a list of vetted data centers, all at an affordable rate.

DataBloc’s software is a 9th generation permission-based blockchain. This software has already served over 2-thousand enterprise customers.

From government, to Fortune500 companies, to large universities – DataBloc is experienced and ready to protect the world’s data.

Imagine…being able to sell excess data storage and services over the internet without customer acquisition costs, all within a secure blockchain framework.

It’s time to protect the world’s most valuable resource and invest in the future of data storage and services.

To learn more about DataBloc’s Token Sale, go to www.databloc.io.