The Next Generation

Demo for a “Star Trek” themed commercial in Boston

During the daily grind, today’s voiceover landscape presents actors with countless opportunities to audition for projects near and far. Quite honestly, “far” is far more common, so having one’s own studio and recording equipment is essential. That said, I was excited to learn of a “Star-Trek Inspired Web Video” shooting in Boston this month, and was told to provide a narration demo for the production. Knowing the narration would encompass a “captain’s log” read, here’s what I wrote up, voiced and sent off to the director…

Now, allow me to embrace rejection, while holding myself personally accountable.

SCRIPT: Star Trek “The Next Generation”

Captain’s log, Stardate 2017.5. The Enterprise is in orbit above a planet whose surface, our sensors tell us, is devoid of any recognizable intelligence. Even at 25 years old, the offspring of the current generation’s inhabitants still depend on elders for health care…to daily financial responsibilities, despite the fact that they’re gainfully employed. An entire generation has been raised as apathetic, life-time dependents, and continue to be enabled – a reality perhaps designed by nefarious forces deeply entrenched in the fabric of operational governance. Our mission is to descend on this planet, inspire independence, convince the next generation of it’s worth through the significance of failure and accountability.