Arab Games

At the Doha 2011 Arab Games, the tennis event was held at Khalifa International Tennis and Squash Complex in Doha, Qatar from December 6th through December 16th. Our sport presentation team was assembled by the French Communication Agency Auditoire and consisted of specialists who had worked the Olympic Games over the past several decades.


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In 2011, Andy Taylor was hired by the French company Auditoire to work as the English speaking tennis announcer at the Arab Games in Doha, Qatar. It was a truly unique opportunity to see teams and players from Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt and Oman to Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco; not to mention, a once in a lifetime cultural experience.

Tennis: Sport Presentation Team

Tennis: Sport Presentation Team

Similar to the Olympic Games, Andy shared the microphone with an Arabic announcer, taking turns delivering player bios and ceremonial narration. Accustomed to sport presentation in the Western World, there were a few unforeseen challenges working in the Middle East…like remembering to mute all sound during calls to prayer.

With the ATP’s Exxon Mobile Open and WTA’s Qatar Total Open, Doha has a world-class tennis facility at the Khalifa International Tennis and Squash Complex, so the setting was ideal for a full-scale, multi-national event. Malek Jaziri of Tunisia and Fatma Al Nabhani of Oman took Singles Gold, while the Kuwaiti men and Egyptian ladies won Gold in Doubles.

Men's Singles

G - Malek Jaziri (TUN)
S - Abdullah Maqdas (KUW)
B - Anas Fattar (MAR)
B - Mehdi Ziadi (MAR)

Men's Doubles

G - Mohammed Ghareeb and Abdullah Maqdas (KUW)
S - Ameur Ben Hassen and Malek Jaziri (TUN)
B - Anas Fattar and Mehdi Ziadi (MAR)
B - Omar Hedayet and Karim Mostafa (EGY)

Women's Singles

G - Fatma Al Nabhani (OMA)
S - Nour Abbes (TUN)
B - Lina Bennani (MAR)
B - Nadi Lalami (MAR)

Women's Doubles

G - Yasmeen Ebada and Ola Hammoud (EGY)
S - Fatyha Berjane and Nadia Lalami (MAR)
B - Nour Abbas and Ons Jabeur (TUN)
B - Sarah Al Balushi and Fatma Al Nabhani (OMA)

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Men's Team

Women's Team

G - Egypt:

Omar Hedayet
Sherif Hussein
Mohamed Mahmoud
Karim Mostafa

G - Tunisia:

Nour Abbes
Sonia Dagou
Ons Jabeur

S - Kuwait:

Hasan Almousa
Ali Ghareeb
Mohammed Ghareeb
Abdullah Maqdas

S - Egypt:

Yasmeen Ebada
Menatalla El Dahshan
Ola Hammoud
Magy Mikhail

B - Morocco:

Anas Fattar
Yassine Idmbark
Younès Rachidi
Mehdi Ziadi

B - Morocco:

Lina Bennani
Fatyha Berjane
Habiba Ifrakh
Nadia Lalami

B - UAE:

Omar Al Awadhi
Hamad Janahi

B - Oman:

Sarah Al Balushi
Fatma Al Nabhani
Maliha Al Waidi